Here is an update from our Classis Representative, Al Jackson, who serves on the Words of Hope Board of Direction.

Hello SW Michigan Classis!

I am a member and elder at Second Reformed Church, and the lay member of the Words of Hope Board of Direction for our classis.

Words of Hope has a new president, Jon Opgenorth, who succeeds David Bast, who retired at the end of 2016.  This ministry publishes the daily devotional that has for many years, provided outstanding thematic offerings.  They also conduct a ministry with existing churches in the “hard places” where believers are often persecuted.  These hard places include Africa (especially Niger and Uganda), the Middle East (e.g., Turkey and Iran) and the Indian subcontinent (e.g., India, Nepal and Bhutan).  Words of Hope seeks to establish and nourish local congregations in these countries through radio, other media and local leadership.

I commend Words of Hope to all of our classis churches for missions, outreach and support.  Let us who are ‘committed here’ join with those who are ‘committed there’.

We would be happy to speak to your church, missions committee or other meeting. I would be interested in talking with other missions-minded people in our classis. Please email or call Allison in the Classis Office to obtain my contact information so we can talk further.