As Ecclesiastes states so beautifully, life is full of seasons.  Today, we have the privilege of celebrating joyfully a season of over 145 years of ministry at Twin Lakes Reformed Church.  For nearly a century and a half, this vibrant congregation faithfully worshipped and served God producing waves of Kingdom impact.  That season of ministry will conclude on Easter Sunday of this year as the Twin Lakes Congregation gathers officially for one last time of worship. Upon the conclusion of that celebration, the TWRC congregation will be completed.  The building will remain un-used, the sign will be taken down, and the visible signs of activity will stop.  BUT, God’s kingdom activity will continue as a new church plant begins to germinate and eventually spouts to new life in that location.

Over 6 months ago, Pastor Ron Lugten reached out to The Bridge Church in Portage to begin a prayerful process of consider God’s plan.  With great spiritual unity, the church leadership teams have been in prayerful conversation.  The Bridge has been invited to utilize the sacred soil found at the Twin Lakes Property to plant a new congregation.  Pastor Philip Rose has been hired on staff to begin the process of forming a “Launch Team” to initiate this new work.  Beginning in January, Philip will invite people from The Bridge, people from Twin Lakes, people from everywhere in Kalamazoo to consider being part of this new work.  These information meetings in January will develop into Launch Team meetings from February until June.  Then after a summer of evangelistic outreach efforts and some building renovations, a new congregation will be officially launched on Sunday October 7th, 2018.

To learn more, please email Pastor Philip Rose (

Please continue to pray that the Lord of The Harvest will produce a beautiful new crop in this new ministry.