Scott Blowers, an elder from The Bridge in Portage, is the first candidate to complete the new Commissioned Pastor track in the SWMI Classis!

The Southwest Michigan Classis’ Student Care and Commissioned Pastor Team spent many, many meetings and hours dedicated to revamping the old system for examining the commissioned pastor candidates.

The former process had the candidates taking the same exams that our seminary students take. The educational process for commissioned pastors and seminary students is vastly different. While seminary students spend semesters studying different subjects, our commissioned pastor candidates were covering them in eight weeks. The SC/CP Team knew that changes needed to be made to the exam process so we could engage our commissioned pastor candidates in a way that would highlight the process that they were going through.

With the help of the Church Leadership Center, the SC/CP Team constructed a new exam process that would break up the required competencies into three different exams, 1) Biblical and Theological Exam, 2) Personal and Professional Exam, and 3) RCA Specifics Exam.

In three exams, each commissioned pastor candidate would be covering their nine required competencies. The fourth and final exam, the Comissioned Pastor Completion Exam, includes a theology exam and also a “ministry focus” portion that is geared towards the specific form of ministry they are anticipating being commissioned to.

In Scott’s case, his exam was geared towards pastoral care. Scott’s passion was very evident in his exam. Through his life experiences and learnings, God has given him a tender heart for those in need.

Our SC/CP Team looks forward to Scott’s commissioning in the near future!

Scott Blowers