May has arrived, and with it a season of change. Spring is finally in the air and summer will be here before we know it. As a new church plant, we are going through changing seasons as well. We are now three months into the launch process of our new church, and have moved into a new season we’re calling “Phase 2.” We are a strong and enthusiastic group of 70 adults and children who proudly claim The Bridge as our parent church. The Holy Spirit has been moving powerfully in us, among us and around us as He continues to shape us into His community of worshipers, disciples and kingdom ambassadors.

On Easter Sunday, April 1, the 145-year ministry of Twin Lakes Reformed Church officially ended, and we received their facilities and their blessings to establish a new church in that place. At sunrise that morning our team gathered at the water’s edge of our new home to celebrate the resurrection and the promised hope of new life. What a fitting day to honor a past legacy and press into a spiritual future in that place!

Part of that future was to determine a new name for this new church. Our name reflects our values and communicates our unique calling. It encourages us to both live out that calling and to live into it. Our unique calling is focused on building disciple relationships with the people around us by making connections and having spiritual conversations. It occurred to us that these same principles are beautifully illustrated in the encounter Jesus has with a Samaritan woman (recorded in John 4). Jesus makes a connection with a woman in need and has a spiritual conversation with her. He tells her if she keeps doing life the same way—if she keeps drinking the same water—she’ll always be thirsty for more. She will never be satisfied drinking from that well. He then says he can provide her with living water, and whoever drinks from his well will never be thirsty again. As the only source of living water, Jesus is the Living Well. The woman believes Jesus, receives new life, and immediately leaves her water jar behind and runs back to her village to share the life with everyone she meets.

Like this story beautifully illustrates, our desire is to drink deeply from that well, to share our new life with each other and to point everyone who is thirsty to the source of living water. As a community of disciples, we are thrilled to live into that calling; to enjoy God’s grace AND extend God’s glory. And so, we are excited to name our new church…THE LIVING WELL!

As we continue to press into this calling—building the foundations of discipleship and sharing life together as a community on mission—we have also begun the process of repairs and renovations on the building at 5475 Ravine Road that will suit the facilities to our particular ministry and mission in that place. Please continue to pray with us as we move forward in faith, trusting God for the financial resources and the discernment to use those resources well for His glory.  It’s a new season for us, with a new name and in a new place, but our calling is unchanged and our vision forward is clear—to receive new life from the Living Well, and to share the life with the thirsty world around us.

Philip Rose

Church Planter from The Bridge