Momentum 2020

MOMENTUM Challenge: We are challenging each church to join others in annually calculating their own “Momentum Number!”

Our hope is that every Classis Church would accept this challenge as part of our commitment to the larger Kingdom initiative of our Classis as a whole; however, we have decided to make this an optional challenge. We believe churches who choose to participate will gain maximum benefit. As a church, you will decide:

  • if you want to measure MOMENTUM in your church (this is optional)
  • how you will ‘calculate’ your MOMENTUM number each year
  • if you will share that process and number with your pastor’s cluster (pastor decision)

This is the Momentum Calculation Document that outlines the process for calculating your church’s MOMENTUM number based on love, prayer, evangelism, discipleship, generosity, apprenticeship/leadership development, sense of unified velocity, and statistical factors.