Some Biblical Reflections from your Classis Leader, Rev. Curry Pikkaart

I recently rediscovered some notes I had written from Timothy Wright in his book, ‘A Community of Joy,’  He wrote what I believe is a great summary of what it means to be a mission-focused church. Although written in 1994 I find his words still accurate and stimulating and offer them to you for your reflection and consideration.

1. Mission is not about programs. Mission is a way of programming the church.(Mission-driven congregations focus their energy on finding lost people and introducing them to Jesus Christ. They do not assign the task to a committee – mission permeates every program.)

2. Mission is not about numbers. Mission is about people. (Tracking attendance helps measure health – however, it is never recorded merely for the sake of numbers. Every statistic represents a person who needs Jesus Christ.)

 3. Mission-driven churches think unchurched. (They know that the unchurched think differently because their values come from society rather then the Bible. Therefore mission-driven churches seek to reinterpret the Gospel in language familiar to the irreligious- they seek to think as they do.)

4. Mission-driven churches dream and plan unchurched. (The needs of the irreligious set the agenda.)

5. Mission-driven churches create a positive climate. (Knowing the life-transforming value of the Good News, they strive to set non-threatening climates, especially in worship. Warm, accepting, loving atmospheres encourage guests to return.)

6. Mission-driven congregations focus on relationships. (Mission-oriented churches see this as the most important task of the church. People, not issues, drive the church.)

May these thoughts stimulate your thinking, discussion and prayer.