Who We Are

The Southwest Michigan Classis is the local governing body of the Reformed Churches in the southwest Michigan area. In total, there are eight Classes in Michigan and 46 across the United States and Canada. The eight Classes in Michigan are governed by the Regional Synod of the Great Lakes. This Regional Synod is governed by the General Synod, which is the highest judicatory in the Reformed Church in America (RCA).

The Southwest Michigan Classis is home to 21 Reformed Churches and 4 organizing churches and ministries. We consist of Specialized Ministers that serve in capacities outside those churches as chaplains, Presbyterian or Community Church pastors, missionaries and some are currently looking for a ministry home or furthering their education. There are also Retired Ministers in this Classis, many of whom still work in different ways and partner with local churches. In total, the Southwest Michigan Classis has almost 80 ministers within its bounds. That number fluctuates consistently.

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